Brave new visions! Increased possibilities! Creating space to live and a better future for the children of South Africa.

Sir Lowry’s Pass Village – 45km south-east of Cape Town – with its 9000 township residents is a typical example of the cultural diversity of the ‘rainbow nation.’ Coloureds, Blacks, Zulus and Xhosas – in shacks of corrugated iron, cardboard and plastic – share the limited living areas. Here, as everywhere in the country, unemployment, crime and AIDS severely challenge the daily struggle for survival and we start by the children.

Since it’s establishment in 2004, the aim of Hope and Light – Community Welfare has been to create a beacon of hope amid this cycle of poverty and violence – starting with the children. Who better to turn the tide for the better, to lead the country out of its despair and lethargy, than a new generation of well-educated, self-assured young adults? Against this background the current and future projects of Hope and Light primarily aim to create the pre-requisites for educational possibilities appropriate to the talents of the children, thereby opening the door to a brighter future.

We warmly invite you to acquaint yourself with the aims and mandate of Hope and Light in general as well as with our individual projects.